Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Hijab tutorial (crinkle,crumple shawl)


People started asking me how I wear my hijab and want me to make a hijab tutorial. I really want to share with you guys how I wear my hijab *only to the girls that want to know how*. 

This is how I wear my hijab.

But now I dont have time to make one. So girls, just wait for my tutorial ok. Just be ready to prepare one crinkle/crumple shawl and just one jarum peniti! You can also use wideshawl, not a problem. 

See you guys very soon at youtube channel! Hahaha goodnight :*

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Kbai semua and Assalamualaikum

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Sydney trip

Alhamdulillah Im back in my own country, Malaysia! Its good to be back home. So yup this is going to be a long entry. Gonna share with you readers the most interesting places in Sydney Australia (interesting to me). So here it goes.

First day in Sydney
1) Paddy's market
-So this is the place where you can find souvenirs at a cheap price. Seriously guys. If you are going to Sydney, and want to buy souvenirs, find this place. Plenty of choices to choose from. This market closes on Monday and Tuesday.

2) Fish market
-Fish market is the place where you can find all sorts of seafood. For muslims, you can eat here but don't forget to ask if their cooks are beer battered or not. If its beer battered, find something else.
Fish Market

Nicholas Seafood. Squids, fishes, oysters, lobsters, chips. The price of this one box is $20.

This is where one of the scene in Finding Nemo took place. If you still remember the movie la.

Second day in Sydney
3) Glebe market
- This is one of my favourite place. I bought 4 tops and 1 bag for only $20! Its the place where everyone sells their preloved items. But this market only opens on Saturday. Note this.

4) Featherdale wildlife park
- Yup this is my first time seeing koalas and kangaroos and its at Featherdale park! This is the only place that gives you the chance to feed and hold them. Wallabies and kangaroos all over the park. Except for the koalas. They are exceptional. And they also can bite!

 This is me with one of the workers that rescued baby wallabies. 

5) Blue Mountains
- A famous place to visit for their beautiful scenery, and also the cursed three sisters. 

 Heading to Blue Mountains. 

If you can see the cursed three sisters at the back. 

Third day in Sydney
6) Coastal walk
- This is the longest, tiring but exciting walk among these 5 days Im in Sydney. 8km walk along the beaches (Cogee beach - Bondi beach). Didnt notice my skin got burned until I reached hotel. Damn.
 Arriving Cogee beach. The 8km walk starts here.


 This is Bondi beach you guys. Look how crowded this place is.

7) Opera house and Harbour bridge 
- Yeay I was here finally! The place people keep talking about when in Sydney.

Fourth day in Sydney
8) Went to sealife aquarium, madame tussauds and wildlife park. These three places is in one package. Im gonna explain and show you only the madame tussauds. Because I know some of you dont know what is madame tussauds. Madame Tussauds- wax museum of celebrities and famous people.

So thats all I think. If you guys wanna go to Sydney, go to these places. You will enjoy being in Sydney, like I did :) Okay good bye!

Kbai semua and Assalamualaikum