Monday, 24 November 2014

The Suit collection by sarajoe&co.


Guess you ladies already know how to wear shawls, am I right? If you dont, check my previous post! So tonight Im gonna share with you sarajoe&co.'s or should I say my latest collection? 
Okay so let me introduce you to;

The Suit collection
Of course I name it the suit because of the matching pattern of the top and the bottom itself.
Now not only men wear The Suit, now ladies can wear them too. Interesting right? ;)

Yup this is the collection of The Suit.

There are 5 different patterns of this collection. The first one I called it Jackson.

The Suit - Jackson

The Suit - Rihanna

The Suit - Nicki

The Suit - Miley

The Suit - Mariah

There you go. 5 designs of The Suit. Nice right. Imagine if you ladies are wearing them right now! You can wear it for different occasions. For example going to work, for presentation day (student life), if you are too shy to wear them paired, you can paired only the top (as your cardigan) with jeans or your own slack. Or paired the bottom with a plain tshirt, you choose! So dont worry, there are plenty of ways you can style up with this collection!

Price for each pair of The Suit
I sell them in sets. Not individually. The price for this set is only RM120, and if you buy along with The Starter(the inner top) it will only cost you RM140 which the usual price of The Starter is RM37. So you will save RM17! Dont worry this collection has all sizes from smallest XS until XL. 

If you want to see more pictures of this collection, go check out my instagram sarajoe&co. 
Thank you again for your time. feel free to visit my instagram! 

Kbai semua and Assalamualaikum

Maxi crumple shawl tutorial (Hijab tutorial)


Good news to all ladies that have been waiting for a hijab tutorial! Finally I made one and already posted it on my instagram shop, sarajoe&co.  If you want to know how I wear my hijab, go and check it out! Will also put it on my blog, so here it is :-)






If you still did't get it, and have questions based on my tutorial, feel free to ask me on my instagram that I mentioned above. So good luck ladies! And have fun watching :-)

Kbai semua and Assalamualaikum